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Ziylan Taban Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. established in 1983 based in Istanbul. Ziylan Taban, whose foundations were laid in a workshop by Ahmet Ziylan, now beyond dispute, leader of Turkey’s shoe sole market.

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Together with our employees, providing customer satisfaction, healthy development, products and services at universal quality standards; We work to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and respectability for our country, suppliers and customers.

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Customer happiness

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Country exports

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Service Award

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Why Ziylan Taban ?

  • 01 High Capacity

    It exports to various countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. Hadimkoy engaged in the production bases located in Kirac, Ziylan Company is France’s leading shoe sole brand SKLOP’s licenced producer and exporter. It has a daily production capacity of 150 thousand pairs of shoe soles.

  • We are proud to earn new experiences and new product diversity of our high business experience with our various shoe soles and extensive customer portfolio, domestically and abroad.

  • We continue our R&D activities such as increasing the quality and diversity of services and products, keeping customer satisfaction level high and meeting their expectation. We think that we can only achieve this with severe R&D work.

  • We confirm our leadership in the area, customer-oriented product privacy and the trust we gathered in the sector with our knowledge of “always the best quality” to our clients.

Ziylan Taban

Our Production Groups

Faylon Taban Üretimi

It is a low density,light,high elastic base

Termo Taban Üretimi

We also produce transparent,translucent,matt,light,TR-Phalon in thermo soles.We have our thermo,PVC,EVA granule productions..

Kauçuk Taban Üretimi

The natural rubber material is obtained.The customer experience is very good with the comfort of pressing on the ground.It has a high resistance to chemicals and high-quality comfort. We have the production of Rubber-Phalon

Poliüretan Taban Üretimi

Poly sole, polyurethane soles ,is obtained as a result of the spongeization of the plastic material creating a sole with smooth printing and important features that comfortable use by extending the sweating time. Available in our TPU-Poly production.

TPU Taban Üretimi

This type, which can use in vivid colours,provides a wide variety of production possibilities.Setting the production of trendy soles,the Thermo / TPU sole is resistant to heat and cold has a very long-lasting. TPU - It is a available in our phalon production.

Eva Taban Üretimi

It is a low density,light,high elastic base.

Ziylan Taban


Our Quality Policy

Our First Priority Goal; To fully determine the current and future needs and expectations of our customers, to fulfil and in this way, provide “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. Our purpose is not to meet a particular model, but to be the leading company that manages and continually develops the standards.

Our environmental policy

As Ziylan Taban, we see the Environmental Management System as a philosophy of life. We aim to be a pioneer in creating environmental awareness in our industry, to protect our global resources and to leave a clean world to future generations.

Our Information Security Management System Policy

Ziylan Taban Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. aims to provide business continuity and to decrease the damages and risks arising from security violations. “Information Security Policy and Practices”, provide the protection, confidentiality, integrity and usability features of Ziylan Taban information assets.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Ziylan Taban, to protect the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders, to create a safe working environment and to ensure that activities sent out safely and securely:

Ziylan Taban



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