Ziylan Base Policies

- Our Quality Policy

Our First Priority Goal;
To fully determine the current and future needs and expectations of our customers, to fulfil and in this way, provide “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. Our purpose is not to meet a particular model, but to be the leading company that manages and continually develops the standards. To achieve this goal;

  • To increase the competencies of our employees, who are the voluntary practitioners of our quality policy, with planned training activities,
  • Manage all our activities with goals,
  • All parties concerned with the effective use of communication tools to have a mutual and continuous learning organization by ensuring the participation of customers, employees, suppliers and public institutions,
  • To comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international legislation and laws while performing our services,
  • To follow purchasing policies that support the development of our cooperation with our suppliers,
  • We have adopted as OUR PRINCIPLES to carry out a Quality Assurance System by the ISO 9001 standard, to increase the effectiveness of this system and to expand the goal of continuous improvement for all our activities.

We have adopted it as OUR PRINCIPLES.

- Our environmental policy

Ziylan Çevre Politikası

As Ziylan Taban, we see the Environmental Management System as a philosophy of life. We aim to be a pioneer in creating environmental awareness in our industry, to protect our global resources and to leave a clean world to future generations. With this purpose;

  • Considering environmental management as an integral part of our business and using environmentally friendly materials in all our activities,
  • To follow encouraging and supportive policies to turn our employees into “GREEN CONSUMERS”,
  • To minimize environmental impact by improving our practices with our existing and new investments,
  • To fulfil our sectoral and legal obligations in matters concerning our activities, to comply with ethical rules and national and international regulations,
  • All interested parties; To increase the environmental awareness of our customers, suppliers and the public by supporting,
  • Continuous improvement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,
  • To ensure the disposal of our wastes by their characteristics, to support their recycling and reuse, and to keep environmental protection practices at the maximum level to prevent pollution,
  • To ensure the effective, efficient and sustainable use of our natural resources, to follow all kinds of technological developments for this purpose,

We have adopted it as OUR PRINCIPLES.

- Our Information Security Management System Policy

Ziylan Taban - Politikalar - Bilgi Güvenliği Politikası Görseli

Ziylan Taban Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. aims to provide business continuity and to decrease the damages and risks arising from security violations. “Information Security Policy and Practices”, provide the protection, confidentiality, integrity and usability features of Ziylan Taban information assets.

Privacy: Only competent people can access information,

Integrity: Protection of information because of noncompetent changes and awareness when it changes,

Usability: Information is available for competent users when they need it.

As Ziylan management, with the implementation of this policy:

  • To comply with the legal requirements,
  • To comply with the provisions of the contracts made with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers),
  • To provide that basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal interruption,
  • To offer integrated base solutions safely and continuously,
  • To minimize any income loss or opportunity arise from security incidents,
  • To protect Ziylan Company’s reputation and reliability,
  • Creating competitive advantage,
  • To be a reliable, innovative and professional company for all relevant parties, including its customers, suppliers and employees,

It adopts as its principles to carry out an Information Security Management System by the ISO 27001 standard, to increase the effectiveness of this system and to expand the goal of continuous improvement for all our activities.

- Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Ziylan Taban - İSG Politikası Görseli

Ziylan Taban, to protect the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders, to create a safe working environment and to ensure that activities sent out safely and securely:

  • Complying with legal and other conditions,
  • Determining occupational health and safety risks and taking necessary actions in this regard, monitoring and reducing risks,
  • Performing root cause analysis to prevent and reduce accidents and health deterioration,
  • Using advanced technologies in terms of occupational health and safety and providing the necessary personal protective equipment,
  • Creating and maintaining a safe working environment with continuous improvement activities,

adopted as its basic principles.

- Social Compliance Policy

  1. Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

Our business cannot make any compulsory labour. The working principle of our business is about volunteer work.

  1. Child Labor (Underage Employees)

Child labour is not acceptable in our business. Except for obligatory situations such as interns, the minimum age determined by national and international laws.

  1. Discrimination (Equality Approach)

Our business gives value to ​​all its employees and their contribution. It has a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity and standing against discrimination.

  1. Ethical Business Conduct

Our business does not tolerate any form of corruption, fraud, embezzlement or bribery.

  1. Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary)

Our business offers its employees competitive wages according to the sectoral and local labour market. Our practices carried out in full compliance with applicable laws and employment contracts on wages, working hours, overtime and benefits.

  1. Health and Safety

Our business confirms that a safe and healthy work environment is created and maintained. The company aims to ensure the continuity of our employees’ security by creating a safe, healthy and productive business atmosphere by decreasing the risk of disclosure to accidents, damages and all kinds of factors that threaten health.

  1. Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

Our business makes a commitment to bond with its stakeholders based on goodwill by adopting their opinions, collecting data from their ideas and taking their viewpoints into account.

  1. Employing Foreign Workers (Employment of Foreign Workers)

Our business does not use unlicensed workers. Employment contracts for foreign national employees who employ in our business arranged in a language that they can understand. Our company protects our foreign employees’ legal rights.

  1. Rest Days and Holidays

Our employees are not debarring from rest and holidays within the framework of their legal rights.

  1. Recruitment and Employment

Available job chances are determined, the company management takes out employment with the laws and within the framework of specific rules (egalitarian approach, flex days, charge, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

  1. Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)

An “Indefinite Term Employment Contract” is prepared between our company and the person to be employed, by the workplace and the law containing the conditions offered to the candidate personnel.

  1. Work and Employee Discipline

The disciplinary board determines the Disciplinary rules. According to this, our company ensured disciplined work. The company cannot impose wage cut sanctions in any way to discipline its employee.

  1. Freedom of Association

Our business; undertakes an open and constructive dialogue with the employees and their representatives. Employees are free to participate in organizations where they can represent them as they prefer to be.

  1. Environmental Protection

We manage all environmental impacts that may result from our activities with a sense of responsibility. We determine and implement all kind of improvement and development activities to reduce either decrease environmental impacts and use natural resources most efficiently.