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Ziylan Taban - Eva Taban Üretimi

Eva Base Production

It is a low density, light, high elastic base.

Ziylan Taban - Faylon Taban Üretimi

Fylon Base Production

It is a low density, light, high elastic base.

Our Phalon Types+ Thermo - Faylon Sole+ TPU - Faylon Sole+ Rubber - Faylon Sole+ Eva - Faylon Sole our productions are available.

Ziylan Taban - Kauçuk Taban Üretimi

Rubber Sole Production

The natural rubber material is obtained. The customer experience is very good with the comfort of pressing on the ground. It has a high resistance to chemicals and high-quality comfort. We have the production of Rubber-Phalon.

Ziylan Taban - TPU Taban Üretimi

TPU Sole Production

This type, which can use in vivid colours, provides a wide variety of production possibilities. Setting the production of trendy soles, the Thermo / TPU sole is resistant to heat and cold and has a very long-lasting. TPU - It is available in our phalon production.

Ziylan Taban - Poli Taban Üretimi

Poly Base Production

Poly sole, polyurethane soles, is obtained as a result of the spongeization of the plastic material, creating a sole with smooth printing and important features that comfortable use by extending the sweating time. Available in our TPU - Poly production.

Ziylan Taban - Termo Taban Üretimi

Thermo Sole Production

We also produce transparent, translucent, matt, light, TR - Phalon in thermo soles. We have our thermo, PVC, EVA granule productions.

Ziylan Taban Sanayi A.Ş.

Quality Product / Reasonable Price

We have been serving the Sole Sector institutionally since 1983. In the industry, we are proud to be at the very base of exporting companies from Turkey. The biggest reason why the shoe manufacturers of 12 countries choose us;

We are doing our job in the right way, paying attention to our environmental and moral values, and marketing the quality product at an affordable price, making both our customers 'customers and our customers happy. We produce more than 200,000 pairs of soles daily. We apply fairness to this work that we are organized correctly. We advance our business with high moral values, without any deficiencies and without making anybody suffer. This is our whole secret that preserves our leading position in the industry.